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Homework 5 - Kunal Sharma 19423678 Homework 5 1. In 2003...

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Kunal Sharma 19423678 Homework 5 1. In 2003 the European space agency sent an unsuccessful British landing spacecraft that was supposed to land on Mars. It was supposed to land on Mars on December 25 th , 2003, but since it deployed from the Mars express on the 19 th of December, nothing has been heard from it. There is no known one cause that caused the malfunction, but scientists are still trying to redevelop communication and re-fly it successfully to Mars. The opportunity is one of two rovers that have successfully landed on Mars from NASA. It landed on the Meridiani Planum on the 25 th of January 2004. Although it unfortunately landed into an impact crater which took an extreme amount of time to get out of, the rover has investigated rock and soil samples while taking panoramic photos that have been sent back to Earth. The samplings lead to the discovery of the mineral hematite and also found signs of past presence of water on the surface of Mars. When studying the Endurance Crater discovered an intact meteorite which is called heat shield rock. In 2 years the rover has traveled 9000 meters. The Spirit was the first of the two rovers that landed three weeks on the opposite side of the planet from where the Opportunity landed. The rover landed in the Gusev crater. One of the things it discovered was the Sleepy Hollow crater which scientists are fascinated about because it is 30 feet across and 40 feet away from the rover. It also successfully took the first color photo of Mars by its panoramic camera. It also found signs of water history. 2. Like the moon, Mercury doesn’t have an atmosphere. Venus has an “optically thick” atmosphere. Venus has numerous impact craters that are spread randomly over the surface. The small craters that are less than 2 kilometers are almost not apparent because of the thick atmosphere. The surface is covered with at least 85% of volcanic rock. There
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Homework 5 - Kunal Sharma 19423678 Homework 5 1. In 2003...

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