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Anthro Study Guide - o All living organisms descended from...

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Study Guide Anthropology- how we look at humanity culturally biological difference across time and space 4 subfields of anthropology- o Sociocultural Anthropology o Linguistic Anthropology o Archeological Anthropology o Biological Anthropology Culture A priori- Made before or without examination; not supported by factual study Scientific Racism - Thesis that cultural and biological differences between different groups are expressions of fundamentally distinct biological stocks. Measuring people by placing them in types Race and Colonialism Science and Culture Linnaeus- 18 th century, devised classification of taxonomy o Human beings as primates Blumenbach- (1781) o Categorized people into races Hooton o The big three Caucasoid Mongoloid Negroid Monogenesis-
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Unformatted text preview: o All living organisms descended from a single cell or organism Polygenesis- argue for independent origins of race o Deviation from more than one ancestor o Most extreme form Race, Typologyzing and Rank Craniometry- measurement of the skull to determine characteristics about a human Robert Bennet Bean- Paul Brocca Broccas hypothesis and Research Biological transmission Social transmission Implications for racial typologies Social races Hypodescent- practice of determining the lineage of a child of mixed race by assigning the child the race of the socially subordinate parent Race in Brazil and Japan Race and Intelligence IQ tests during WWI o Northern Blacks...
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Anthro Study Guide - o All living organisms descended from...

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