O eoc q9 know that there are 6 general transcription

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Unformatted text preview: ture of prokaryotic promoters o HW12: Q1 • Know the general types of promoter elements in eukaryotes o Know the TATA box o Know the DPE o Know the Inr sequence (contains transcription start site) o Know that there are other elements – but you don’t have to know them specifically o Know why there are so many – what is the benefit? o EOC: Q9 • Know that there are 6 general transcription factors o Know why they are designated “TFII- “ o Know that TBP of TFIID binds TATA box §༊ This is what happens first to initiate transcription §༊ Know how TBP binds DNA o Know that there is variability even in the core complex of TFs • Know the roles of other regulatory elements and proteins that bind them o Enhancers bound by activators o Silencers bound by repressors o Know the role of the Mediator complex and that composition can change to interact with different activators and repressors §༊ Know that it is NOT a DNA- binding complex o HW12: Q2, Q3; EOC: Q3 • Know the helix- turn- helix binding motif 1 Learning Outcomes and Tools for Success CH369: Fall 2013 Know the general principles of the lac operon o...
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