Base excision repair eoc q47 nuclelotide excision

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Unformatted text preview: mechanism of DNA ligase o HW11: Q2, Q3; EOC: Q9, Q15, Q17, Q19, Q21 1 Learning Outcomes and Tools for Success CH369: Fall 2013 20- 3: • Telomeres o Why are they necessary? o How are they synthesized? o Know the general mechanism of telomerase o Know how the ssDNA regions of the telomere are protected from nuclease digestion o HW11: Q4; EOC: Q25, Q29 20- 4: • DNA damage and repair o Know the different types of DNA damage that can occur and how §༊ Mis- matched bases • EOC: Q33 §༊ Damage by ROS §༊ Depurination §༊ Deamination §༊ Thymine dimers §༊ EOC: Q35 o Know the repair mechanisms and how they work §༊ Mismatch repair • How does the repair machinery know which strand is wrong? §༊ Base excision repair • EOC: Q47...
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