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Know the various proteins that participate in this

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Unformatted text preview: oes this work?) §༊ Where does energy come from to form phosphodiester bond? §༊ Shaped like hand §༊ Know significance of Mg2+ ions in active site §༊ Why won’t rNTPs bind? §༊ Is there more than one DNA polymerase? Why? o Know process of replication (steps) §༊ The animation included in lecture will be helpful here §༊ Know the difference between the leading and lagging strand – why is there a difference and how is this dealt with in the process of replication? §༊ Know the various proteins that participate in this process • Topoisomerases • Helicases • SSB proteins • DNA primase • DNA polymerase • RNase H • DNA ligase §༊ Know the general...
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