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O know their importance and relevance in replication

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Unformatted text preview: and passes the strand through §༊ Type IB nicks the DNA and allows one strand to rotate one turn §༊ Type II directly alters number of writhes by passing dsDNA segment through another §༊ Why do type II topoisomerases require ATP? o Know their importance and relevance in replication o HW11: Q1; EOC: Q1, Q3 20- 2: • DNA replication o Know that it is semi- conservative and what this means o Know the general model of replication §༊ Factory model: Machinery stationary and DNA feeds thru o Know the general structure and function of DNA polymerases §༊ Reads 3’ to 5’ and synthesizes 5’ to 3’ §༊ Has proofreading ability (how d...
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