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Origins of Civilization lecture

Reconstruction homoerectusreconstruction

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Unformatted text preview: mo sapiens (“thinking” 20,000 years) • Charles Darwin Evolution Evolution Homo­erectus learn to use fire Homo­erectus learn to use fire Homo­Erectus. Reconstruction Homo­Erectus. Reconstruction Homo­Erectus­­­ Cro­Magnons­­­Homo­ Homo­Erectus­­­ Cro­Magnons­­­Homo­ Sapiens Sites of Early Human Fossils Sites of Early Human Fossils Spread of Homo­sapiens Spread of Homo­sapiens Paleolithic and Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods The Paleolithic Age (400,000­ The Paleolithic Age (400,000­ 10,000 BCE) • Old Stone Age (400,000 BCE­10,000 BCE) • Nomads (hunting, • • • • • gathering) Crude Stone tools Extended families and Tribes Caves and shelters Decorative arts Magic and religion Life in Paleolith Life in Paleolith Paleolithic Arts and Sculpture Paleolithic Arts and Sculpture • Cave painting • Sculpture Paleolithic Cave Painting Paleolithic Cave Painting Paleolithic Sculpture Paleolithic Sculpture The Neolit...
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