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Lab Partner: Lab Section: Date of Experiment: 03/25/08 Centripetal Force vs. Velocity, Mass, and Radius Abstract: The purpose of this lab was to measure centripetal force as it changes with different factors. We conducted several different experiments during this lab session, and our controls were mass, radius, and velocity. Our results seem to agree with the accepted results, for in our graph we obtained an exponential relationship between centripetal force and velocity. We did not obtain a graph of radius vs. centripetal force, so we do not know if our results agreed with the accepted data. Theory: To complete these experiments, we had to use a power supply to spin the apparatus and then adjust the controls accordingly. In the first experiment, we adjusted the velocity of the system by increasing the voltage on the power supply. In the second experiment, we adjusted the mass of the system by adding known mass of discs to the rotating arm, and in the third experiment we adjusted the radius of the system by raising or lowering the rotating arm. Units in
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Physics Lab 7 - Lab Partner: Lab Section: Date of...

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