Ch2 - Chapter 2 Notes (cont.) Plato- Phaedo (a middle...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2 Notes (cont.) Plato- Phaedo (a middle dialogue) o The body hinders the soul’s search for knowledge o Knowledge of the Forms is attainable only via the soul. The body has access only to individual things, which are mere copies of the Forms. o We are born with certain ideas that could never be the product of experience: we must have existed as souls prior to being born. o Body – transitory o Immaterial (mind) – permanent, eternal- So what would the prisoners talk about? o Perhaps they see the shadow of a book on the wall before them. o They refer to that shadow as “a book” (because that’s the only word they have, and they are unaware of the actual book behind them, casting the shadow). o The Forms are the “actual” books, and the shadows are what we apprehend through the senses.- The Divided Line (pgs. 42-49 o “Opinion” corresponds to perceived reality o “Knowledge” corresponds to the permanent, unchanging structure underlying the fulx of experience reality. o Permanent is better o Mind is better (is permanent) and is equivalent to the “soul”.- Not everyone is capable of understanding the Forms o We are each born with all the knowledge we will ever have. There are three classes of people, according to their innate abilities: • Rulers (philosophers!) • Soldiers • Workers (skilled labor and artisians)- The state is analogous to a person o Every person also has three elements Rationality Activity Appetites- Return to the 11 year old o He borrowed a .22 caliber rifle o Shot gun 18 year old walking out of a convenience store o The victim was a stranger, and died from a single gunshot to the head o Psychologists found the 11 year old has below average intelligence and limited ability to control anger o Acquitted of first degree murder; found guilty of second degree murder....
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Ch2 - Chapter 2 Notes (cont.) Plato- Phaedo (a middle...

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