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Truth Beliefs Knowledge

Although evidence doesnt guarantee truth it t does

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Unformatted text preview: alse true you miss more of reality than you get. reality Better compromises Better ► Therefore, you clearly want some compromise, but Therefore, you quickly realize various compromises are possible: possible: Reality Reality Reality My Beliefs My Beliefs My Beliefs Reasons to believe something is true: ► Evidence. Although evidence doesn’’t guarantee truth, it t does point to truth. This is where apologetics comes in – it doesn't This make Christianity true, but it helps to make it evident that Christianity is true. What counts as evidence to justify beliefs? What counts as evidence to justify beliefs? ► Evidence commonly accessible to all human Evidence beings: beings: Sense perceptions Universal feelings (love, guilt, self-awareness, etc. Not Universal feelings so much proven as undeniable for the man on the street) street) Logical inference Categories of the understanding (pre-conditions of our knowing) knowing) Innate or inborn knowledge As well as…………….Authority? Reliability? Predictive As power? Elegance? power? Two kinds of knowledge: Two ► Propositional knowledge – rationally justified true belief that a proposition is true. true ► Personal knowledge (knowledge by acquaintance) – knowing a person. acquaintance)...
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