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Thetaskofknowledgeisattachingour personstotheworld

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Unformatted text preview: easing your number of false beliefs. number Knowledge: Attaching our beliefs to reality ► Introduction We now have a notion that is attached to the world and independent of persons, and a notion that is attached to persons and independent of the world. The task of “knowledge” is attaching our persons to the world The Goal and Means of Knowledge Knowledge ► The Goal: True Beliefs The Goal We want our beliefs to be true – to fit reality. We We especially want the most important of our beliefs to be true. ► The Means: Justified Beliefs The Means The “common-sense” method for determining The the truth of our beliefs “rational justification.” We call a justified belief “rational” or “reasonable”. Choices of justification… Choices True Beliefs Justified Beliefs False Beliefs Unjustified Beiefs Choices of justification… Choices ► What happens when we overlay these to ways of viewing our beliefs? Is everything that is true also justified? Is everything that is false also unjustified? Justified True Belief Unjustified True Belief Justified False Belief Unjustified False Belief Knowledge: Justified true belief. ► ► What is apparent when we look at the four-fold grid is that What what really satisfies our mind is not simply true belief but true justified true belief. justified true What is our goal when it comes to believing? Consider What God’’s beliefs—God knows all of reali...
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