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Truth Beliefs Knowledge

Minimizes similarly maximizing the quality minimizes

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Unformatted text preview: ty the way it truly is. God s His knowledge covers all of reality, and all of his knowledge is justified: is Justified True Beliefs Human belief: ► Unlike God, we must choose between Unlike pursuing omniscience and infallibility pursuing Maximizing the quantity of our true beliefs Maximizing quantity minimizes their quality. minimizes Similarly, maximizing the quality minimizes the Similarly, quality quantity. We can seek omniscience, or we can seek We omniscience or infallibility, but if we seek both, we must infallibility but compromise somewhere along a Pareto frontier. One approach: Maximize true beliefs. beliefs. Reality Broad Justified Beliefs The other approach: Minimize false beliefs: false Narrow Justified Beliefs Reality Avoid being fooled at all Avoid costs. Unfortunately, this sort of Unfortunately, justification procedure eliminates many things that DO correspond with reality DO Consider for example, the reality of things like love. Finding a balance Finding ► Optimizing justified beliefs is not a simple matter ► Done to the extreme, maximizing and minizing Done maximizing minizing look more like this: look My Beliefs Reality Reality My Beliefs ► Neither option is very good. In the first, you have Neither more false beliefs than true beliefs. In the second, f...
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