COMMlong2 - 1 General Conclusion Communication is a way to...

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1 General Conclusion Communication is a way to enhance ones life experiences. If one takes into account the fact that all people are different and communicate in different ways, then effective communication is a valuable tool to have at one’s disposal. Communication is always changing, whether through discourse itself, technology, or the many facets of relationships - it is evolving and growing into an even bigger part of human progression. Learning new and different ways to communicate benefits everyone in the long run. It helps to educate people about themselves, and others, through ways in which they did not even know they were capable of. One can also use communication to accomplish many objectives at the same time. Having as many of these communication “tools” at one’s disposal helps communication, and relationships, run more efficiently. For example, it can help one better understand a person’s reason for acting, and/or speaking, the way they do. For people to form educated opinions, which can ultimately lead to valuable first impressions about others and their situations, they need to draw on a variety of different skills relating to communication. Some aspects they need to focus on are nonverbal hints (if available), the tone of the person’s voice, their history, the situation at hand, the events leading up to the situation, and the communication skills of the other person. If one is closed off to learning new ways of communicating, also known as being stubborn, then they will not be able to accomplish the goal of understanding where this person is coming from. The relationship could then be lost as a result of the lack in communication skills. Arguments This general conclusion of communication is supported by three other theories in use today. Many aspects of these three theories elaborate on the assumptions in the beginning, and summarize the point trying to be proven. These theories are Communicated Management of
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2 Meaning (CMM), Social Information Processing Theory (SIPT), and Constructivism. Each theory has its own assumptions, explanations, and conclusions that help to support the general conclusion above. Although they may be different theories at face value, they all have something similar that helps to expand upon the fact that communication skills help to better people in the
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COMMlong2 - 1 General Conclusion Communication is a way to...

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