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The critical article I chose was The Kiss: Inferno V and the Old French Prose Lancelot . This article helped to give me a new understanding of the canto and the scene it talks about. When Dante meets Francesca, and the silent Paolo, he hears her tell the story of the kiss shared between her and Paolo because of the kiss in the story of Lancelot and Guinevere. When Francesca explains the story the reader cannot help but to be engaged by it, not realizing that it is not the “true” account we hear of today. She refers to Lancelot kissing Guinevere, while the stories all say that Guinevere is the one who gives Lancelot the kiss. The article gives many explanations as to why Dante would have included a distorted version of the real tale.
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Unformatted text preview: One researcher tests the hypothesis that Dante could have read an ancient text that has the inverted storyline in it, one, which we do not know of. Another gives the theory that he purposefully did it to enrich the story and make Francesca seem more innocent. As if she changed the story in her head to make her time in Hell seem more pitiful. These two solutions seemed the most interesting to me because one suggests that there is a more than one version of a classic love story, and the other gives more insight into Inferno and its characters. It makes the text seem lifelike....
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