L12 DNA Structures and Function

Biology 1a03 cellular and molecular biology fig 46

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Unformatted text preview: a double helix. All this information came together to give us the familiar double helix: -2 antiparallel strands -bases face inwards -2.0 nm diameter BIOLOGY 1A03 -major groove Cellular and Molecular Biology -minor groove -one turn of helix =every 10 nucleotides Fig 4.8 Alternate pairings are not possible. The spacing between purine- purine or pyrimidine- pyrimidine pairs cannot allow for a uniform diameter along the length of the double helix and is inconsistent with diameter of DNA helix. BIOLOGY 1A03 Cellular and Molecular Biology Fig 4.6 Unit 4: DNA in eukaryotes Where is DNA found in the eukaryo6c cell? nucleus: membrane- bound organelle containing the cell’s chromosomes mitochondria: membrane- bound organelle carrying an independent genome Cellular and Molecular Biology BIOLOGY 1A03 chloroplast: membrane- bound organelle carrying an independent genome Fig 7.7 Structure and func6on of eukaryo6c DNA The structure and funcAon of the double- stranded DNA molecule are the same in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Majority of eukaryoAc genes are found on the linear chromosomes housed in the nucleus BIOLOGY 1A03 Cellular...
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