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MCDB101Bslideset1-4pg - MCDB 101B Molecular Genetics II...

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1 3 MCDB 101B Molecular Genetics II: Eukaryotes Instructor: Rolf E. Christoffersen Office: Bio II, rm 3125 Office Hours: MW 11:00-12:00 or by appointment. e-mail: [email protected] Phone:805-893-3599 Teaching Assistants: Qiang Gong Dan Rubin Nora Taghavi Co In E 4 Texts "Genetics: From Genes to Genomes 3rd Edition" by Hartwell, Hood, Goldberg, Reynolds, Silver, and Veres (2008) "Study Guide/Solutions Manual to accompany Genetics: From Genes to Genomes 3 rd Edition“ Prepared by Debra Nero Co In E 5 Discussion Sections Discussion sections are meeting this week! Attendance is required for you to succeed in this class. The TA will go over selected home work problems and answer questions about concepts. Please come to discussion section prepared to ask questions and having already attempted some of the home work. Passively listening to the other student’s questions will not be very valuable to you – be actively involved in the discussion! Co In E 6 Exams and Grades Exams: (~95% of grade) Midterm 1 (Monday, April 21) 100 pt. Midterm 2 (Monday, May 21 12 ) 100 pt. Final Exam (Fri. June 13, 12:00-3:00 PM) 200 pt Classroom Participation (~5% of grade) Participation 10 pt. Quality of response 10 pt. Grade: Your grade is based on the total accumulation of points from the three exams and your class participation scores (420 pt scale). Extra Credit Online Exercises: ~9 extra credit points available through online quiz server (1 pt per quiz with 90% or higher score). You may retake online quizzes until you achieve 90% or more. Co In E
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2 7 How to obtain your Course Password: Each student enrolled in a biology course is assigned a username (your 7 digit perm #) and a password. This account is used to access all online resources supported by the LSCF. Your password was sent yesterday to your official umail account.
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MCDB101Bslideset1-4pg - MCDB 101B Molecular Genetics II...

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