11.27-11.29 - American Politics and Social Welfare Policy...

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American Politics and Social Welfare Policy 11.27-11.29 Murray’s Argument – get rid of welfare Wilson’s Argument – fundamental cause of urban poverty is not gov’t policy, but economic transformation of urban economies - supports an expansion of gov’t policies o not crazy about AFDC, but believes gov’t should expand jobs programs (like a revival of WPA) - wants expanded funding for education; high universal standards - wants more efforts toward racial integration in schools o American public schools are now more segregated than before Brown v. Board, except in the South (according to Gary Orfield) - Basically, we have to address the underlying conditions of poverty Integration collapses for two reasons in late-70s and 1980s: 1) Courts become more conservative 2) Federal gov’t provides less and less support for busing Wilson’s proposals are not race-targeted policies and not only targeted at the poor; they are ‘framed’ as universal policies (everyone is potentially eligible for everything) - Skocpol argues that these kinds of policies are good b/c they are framed as universal Differences b/w Murray and Wilson help highlight several themes: 1) bifurcation: division b/w social insurance and 2) deservingness: on the one hand - ongoing perpetuation about inherent undeservingness of relief recipients; on the other hand – attempts to overcome this 3) division b/w ‘welfare policy’ and general economic/jobs policy a. post- WWII attempts to make jobs policy part of a welfare strategy have failed b. there are connections b/w the two, but they aren’t part of the same comprehensive way of thinking about policy Area of agreement 1) both dislike AFDC, but for different reasons
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11.27-11.29 - American Politics and Social Welfare Policy...

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