Feb 8th - WWII

Feb 8th - WWII - February 8, 2007 World War II Readings: 1....

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February 8, 2007 World War II Readings: 1. E.H. Carr The Utopian Background - discusses how the 19 th century idealism (Bentham’s utilitarianism, greatest happiness of the greatest number) affected post WWI decision-making. 20 th century liberals believed that public opinion was enough to prevent war, and that in general people do not like war. Carr is basically saying that the inter war years are a perfect example of the divide between theory and practice in liberalism. The leaders put too much faith in the power of public opinion. “It may be not that men stupidly or wickedly failed to apply right principles, but that the principles themselves were false or inapplicable. 2. Kissinger America re-enters the Arena: FDR, From Diplomacy- Focuses on FDR’s monumental task of shifting the U.S. from a strict isolationist country towards participation in WWII as a way to end Nazi power. Kissinger praises FDR’s ability to guide the American people in a direction they did not originally want to go but realized was right in the end. FDR used the “quarantine speech” to express the need to prevent the expansion of evil without actually saying he was going to take specific military action. In 1939 he went as far as to say that U.S. security interests can no longer be limited to the Monroe Doctrine and that the violation of sovereignty in Europe directly affects American security. FDR vioated the neutrality acts by providing aid to England, something that would very likely cause a modern president to be impeached, but FDR got away with doing such things because of the circumstances. Eventually Pearl Harbor gave the incentive to the American people to
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Feb 8th - WWII - February 8, 2007 World War II Readings: 1....

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