1987 participants were also asked to report the ages

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Unformatted text preview: found to affect willingness to act altruistically (Burnstein et al., 1994; Korchmaros, 1999; Petrinovich & O’Neill, 1996; Smith et al., 1987), participants were also asked to report the ages of their family members. They did this after they responded to the hypothetical dilemmas. As in previous studies, willingness to act altruistically decreased as age of the target increased, B 0.03, 0.28, F(1, 28) 12.51, p .01. Thus, the effect of target age was statistically controlled in all analyses. score. We estimated this model for each participant and tested whether effects varied by participant. The effect of genetic relatedness on emotional closeness did not vary by participant, F(28, 58) 1, nor did the effect of emotional closeness on altruism, F(28, 29) 1.40, p .19. However, the effects of genetic relatedness and age on altruism did vary by participant, as indicated by the interactions of participant and genetic relatedness, F(28, 29) 1.91, p .04, and of participant and age, F(28, 29) 2.61, p .01. Consequ...
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