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Unformatted text preview: ss, emotional closeness, and willingness to act altruistically, was tested. Genetic relatedness was found to predict emotional closeness, B 3.86, 0.44, F(1, 28) 23.72, p .01; emotional closeness increased 3.86 points on the 7-point scale as a result of a 1-unit increase in genetic relatedness. Emotional closeness predicted willingness to act altruistically, B 0.59, 0.63, F(1, 28) 84.15, p .01. Moreover, the effect of genetic relatedness on willingness to help, B 3.87, 0.46, F(1, 28) 33.70, p .01, though still statistically significant, was less than it was in the unmediated model, which did not control for emotional closeness. This reduction was statistically significant by Sobel’s (1982) test, Z 4.902, p .001. The mediating effect of emotional closeness accounted for approximately 33% (1.89/5.76) of the total effect of genetic relatedness on willingness to act altruistically. DISCUSSION The present study is an attempt to integrate the findings of evolutionary and social psychology. Inclusive fitness theory (Hamilton, RESULTS Before the hyp...
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