Emotional closeness between two people causes them to

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Unformatted text preview: nship with that individual (Lee, Mancini, & Maxwell, 1990). Emotional closeness between two people causes them to want to help each other, especially when the other is in need. Investigations of altruistic behavior have shown that people are usually more willing to provide assistance to friends (i.e., people they know and care about) than to strangers and acquaintances (Bell, Grekul, Lamba, Minas, & Harrell, 1995; Clark & Mills, 1993) and that people feel that friends are more obligated than strangers to provide assistance when it is needed (Bar-Tal, Bar-Zohar, Greenberg, & Hermon, 1977). Moreover, research has shown that people are systematically more willing to act altruistically toward nonkin whom they are close to and care about than toward kin, even kin of high degrees of genetic relatedness. For instance, Essock-Vitale and McGuire (1985) showed that although women’s willingness to assist other people increased as genetic relat- Address correspondence to Josephine D. Korc...
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