If participants responses did not vary by target then

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Unformatted text preview: othesized partial mediational model could be tested, it was necessary to determine whether participants’ willingness to act altruistically varied by target. If participants’ responses did not vary by target, then further analyses examining the effects of target-related attributes on participants’ judgments of willingness to act altruistically would not be warranted. The reliability of the willingness-to-help measure was .92. Thus, participants were systematically more willing to act altruistically toward some family members than toward others. The analysis treated family member as the unit of analysis (n 145). The predictor variables were genetic relatedness, emotional closeness, and age. The criterion variable was willingness-to-help VOL. 12, NO. 3, MAY 2001 Fig. 1. Hypothesized model of emotional closeness as a mediator of the effect of genetic relatedness on willingness to act altruistically. Standardized coefficients, or beta weights, are noted in parentheses. *p .01. 263 PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE Emotional Closeness as a Me...
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