Multilevel modeling which simultaneously accounts for

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Unformatted text preview: ently, we tested the hypothesized partial mediational model allowing for effects of target-related attributes to interact with participant. Multilevel modeling, which simultaneously accounts for variation due to participant and due to family member, was used. The hypothesized partial mediational effect of emotional closeness on the relationship between genetic relatedness and willingness to act altruistically was tested as specified by Baron and Kenny (1986). First, the unmediated model, which tests the effect of genetic relatedness on willingness to act altruistically without controlling for emotional closeness, was tested. Genetic relatedness was found to predict willingness to act altruistically, B 5.76, 0.69, F(1, 28) 146.02, p .01; willingness to act altruistically increased 5.76 points on the 8-point scale as a result of a 1-unit increase in genetic relatedness (i.e., the difference in genetic relatedness between nonkin and identical twins). Next, the mediated model (see Fig. 1), which includes genetic relatedne...
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