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Students were asked to list the members of their

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Unformatted text preview: Procedure Information regarding family members of 255 undergraduate students was collected during the 1st week of the semester. Students were asked to list the members of their family by name and by relationship (e.g., mother, stepbrother) and to use a 7-point scale ranging from not at all close to extremely close to report how emotionally close they were to each family member. Students who had provided information about five or more family members of varying degrees of genetic relatedness and reported varying degrees of emotional closeness were scheduled to meet with the experimenter during the 3rd month of the semester. At the start of each experimental session, participants were informed that the names of the family members they had provided earlier in the semester would be used on the questionnaire they would complete during the current session. Participants were instructed to imagine each hypothetical situation as vividly as they could, to report their first response, and to respond honestly. Because age of the individual in need has been...
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