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1-3 AMH Recap - The people of Europe were going through...

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The people of Europe were going through changes, no, not those kind of changes, but ones of Religion, looking for new lands, food issues, and the magical route to the far east. Europe was a mess, but no one really realized how ‘effed up they were. The Black plague tore apart Europe, killing a third of the population (approximately 20 Million). This plague turned a lot of people to Catholicism because God killed people back then. With this popular thought the Catholic Church gained a ton of power, Oprah-like power. The ideas of Divine Right were born, where the King received his power from God. With these ties between Church and State the Pope was now really in charge. Next up we have the rapid growth of Islam that brings about the Crusades, a battle for the Holy Lands, where Robin Hood met Morgan Freeman. This is where Europe gets a taste of something new, Far East goods. These Crusaders start bringing back gifts, and the need for these exotic things makes all of Europe interested in a direct route to Asia. In 1400 we have a marriage that helps the Catholics, Pope, gain even more power. Spain wasn’t Spain yet, but instead two regions (Castille and Aragon). A marriage is arranged where Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille marry, joining the two regions together and forming a Catholic powerhouse known as Spain. They decided
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