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Semester Recap - Y-21 AMH1041 MWF 1:25 Fall 2007 In the...

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Y-21 AMH1041 MWF 1:25 Fall 2007 In the earlier times the Far East was a big deal, and the people trying to figure out how to get there. Europe was a complete mess, but no one really knew that though. The Black Plague dominated everyone; people obviously thought that God was doing the damage. This caused the Catholic Church to gain an obscene amount of power. Divine right was born and the Church was stronger. A rapid growth of Islam brings about the Crusades. People die, people buy gifts, and people discover the Far East. In 1400 we have a marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella get married and unite Spain, and the Catholic gains a ton of power. Once they’re married it’s decided that Spain needs to get cleansed. Cue the inquisition. An Italian, Christopher Columbus decides to go west, to go to the Far East… His deal with Spain is 3 boats, plant the Spanish flag, convert everyone to Catholicism and he gets 10% of what he finds. The New World is discovered and eventually the Church splits the world into two halves. East (and Brazil) goes to Portugal and the west goes to Spain (Treaty of Tordesilla, 1494). With the new contact the conquistadors do a number on the natives. Cortez absolutely dominated the Aztecs with small pox and such. They mixed with the natives and used purity as a class system. England sees all this westward movement and decides to get involved. Spain doesn’t care and lets
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