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Recap 1 - We start off pretty much where we started off...

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We start off pretty much where we started off last semester, but blew through it like it was nobody’s business. We blast through early Europe where they are having religious issues and going through changes. Next up we have the rapid growth of Islam that brings about the Crusades, a battle for the Holy Lands. This is where Europe gets a taste of something new, Far East goods. These Crusaders start bringing back gifts, and the need for these exotic things makes all of Europe interested in a direct route to Asia. In 1400 we have a marriage that helps the Catholics. They move to cleanse Spain and right around 1492 they finally rid Spain of the Muslim population. Christopher Columbus decides to go west. With Spain’s permission, he begins his voyage for a passage to the Far East. Columbus finds something, the new world! With this new find, the two richest countries, Spain and Portugal, are given sides of the world with the Treaty of Tordesilla (1494). Spain gets everything west, Portugal gets east (and Brazil). England sees all this and thinks they should get involved, Spain could care less. England then gets involved with Spain, through marriage. Prince Edward (England) and Princess Catherine (Spain) are betrothed. Prince Edward dies with no Heirs, luckily England had a spare. Henry VIII is now king and marries the widowed Catherine, and they have Mary. Hank and Cathy couldn’t have a boy, but Hank worked the court; finally, Anne
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