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Killing Pablo 1 - When one thinks Pablo Escobar especially...

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When one thinks Pablo Escobar, especially my age group, one thinks of the fourth season of HBO’s Entourage. That’s about all the reference I had on the subject, and I knew it wasn’t the best source. Once I heard this was an option, I jumped at the opportunity to read it. It would be a stretch to say the book went hand-in-hand with what we were learning in class, but some subjects we were hitting in class were prevalent throughout the book. The one main idea was that of Yellow Journalism, or the media in general throughout the Pablo Escobar story. It’s a story not many know and the book is probably meant for people my age and up, but I’m glad I read it. Opinion on how our foreign policy acted all depends on who’s reading it. Personally, I thought they did the right thing, although the cost was high and cocaine was still leaving Columbia, Escobar needed to be stopped and the U.S. was needed to help the cause.
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