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Technology in the workplace ch. 6 -MNA2100

Technology in the workplace ch. 6 -MNA2100 - Anthony...

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Anthony Majewski October 9, 2006 Tuthill 5:30 Technology in the Workplace Technology in the workplace has been growing and helping workers become more effective and proficient ever since the mechanization era. People started to grow away from the handicraft era that reigned before it, when people used their hands for everything. Now technology was giving workers an opportunity to be more productive with machines that would make their job easier and output increase sufficiently. The next era that came about was the mechanistic technology era, bringing about the idea of interchangeable parts and assembly lines. Workers had to learn how to use these new machines and when they did, output increased even more. Work was getting done faster, and companies were depending more and more on technology. People didn’t need as much skill to do their jobs anymore, and not as many people were needed for tasks. Automated technology is the next era that we went through, in which the idea of an assembly line is completely automated and doesn’t need help from workers. The
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