Catholic's Stance on Today's World ENC1102 Research Paper

Catholic's Stance on Today's World ENC1102 Research Paper -...

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Majewski Anthony Majewski Lepschy ENC1102 March 15, 2007 The Old Becoming New: The Catholic Stance on Today’s World The first time the Catholic Church was ever mentioned was in a letter by Ignatius of Antioch, in the year 107. It is now 2007 and issues with the world’s largest religious body are at a high. The Vatican is slowly realizing that its ancient doctrines may not be realistic for today’s world. From the sex scandals that have risen out of the Church, The Pope’s words on Islam, the rising issue of AIDS, along with the Church’s stance on today’s world conflicts, the parishioners are looking for answers and the Church is trying to respond as best they can. Is the church really doing enough to bring it’s doctrine up to date with today’s world? The Catholic Church has always been seen as a stubborn, rule abiding organization riddled with tradition and rules, by liberal Catholics as well as non believers. The Church’s stance on many of the world’s key issues has liberal Catholics calling for changes. One of the biggest ideas that is being fought is the Church’s stance on birth control. The church has always opposed the use of contraceptives and in 1968 Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae which reemphasized the teaching that it is always fundamentally wrong to use contraception to prevent new human beings from being born and the current Pope, Benedict, has continued that this is the way of the church (Birth Control n.pag.). Over the past couple of decades HIV/AIDS awareness has been a huge focus all over the world, and prevention requires either abstinence, which is the church’s 1
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Majewski stance, or contraceptives. With the rampant outbreak of AIDS in Third World countries, people are calling for immediate changes in church law. South African Bishop Kevin Dowling is risking his position in the church by promoting the use of condoms and other forms of birth control in the village he is in. He has been speaking out since the 1990s that it is an “issue of survival.” His words are now beginning to fall on the ears of the Vatican along with cardinals and fellow bishops. Cardinal Georges Cottier of Switzerland has said that condoms are “morraly legitimate” in some situations (Katel 51). However, the church has not budged on its stance of this issue which has brought much opposition from people inside and outside the church. Another issue that the church isn’t changing is the vow of celibacy taken by the
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Catholic's Stance on Today's World ENC1102 Research Paper -...

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