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Late Great

Late Great - Shaun Wise Paper 4 Since the beginning of time...

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Shaun Wise Paper 4 Since the beginning of time, people have been captivated with knowing the future. Hal Lindsey’s book The Late Great Planet Earth explores this fascination. “Late” is a word that is put in front of a noun to say that the noun is deceased. This book is about the prophecies that predict the events that will lead to the title. Lindsey’s book uses prophecies from the Bible to predict the future. The book begins by explaining the prophets of Israel. These prophets were men, who accurately predicted the future. The only way a man could be considered a prophet is if ALL of their prophecies came true. This was a safeguard to protect against an abundance of people claiming to speak the word of the Lord. So, knowing this the prophecies in the Bible must have come from credible sources. The first prophecy that is discussed in detail pertains to the Messiah Lindsey explains that the Jewish people had two different beliefs about the Messiahs life. One prophecy said he would be a poor servant, while another prophecy believed he would be
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