paper3 - two groups of people to have two different...

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Shaun Wise 11/13/07 Nietzsche Morals are the ideas instilled in people that tell them what is right and wrong, but who decided that these morals are right. Nietzsche examines this idea in the Geneaology of Morals . Nietzsche believes that morals originated from resentment. Resentment is has helped shaped the way people view society in the western world. Resentment to Nietzsche is an idea that comes from the common people. Since the noble people have lives where they are happy most of the time, there is very little resentment for life. On the other hand, the common people build up a hatred for the noble class because they feel the noble class does not have to suffer through the hardships of the common people. This resentment causes the common person to see the noble person as evil. While, the noble person sees himself as someone who represents goodness. The two groups of people both understand evil as the opposite of good. So, this causes these
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Unformatted text preview: two groups of people to have two different understandings of what is bad or evil. Nietzsche also believes that people who have this resentment have a slave morality. This morality is based on the fact that, everything that is different from them is evil. This means that hatred for everything in this life is the base of slave morality. Christianity promotes this idea because it gives people hope for a greater afterlife. This leads to apathy in our everyday lives. Which causes people to become less productive. Nietzsche believes that the whole world has been affected by slave morality. Nietzsche’s idea seems too simple in my opinion. The fact that the world is based on hatred is a little too far fetched though. If all people have this slave morality, that is based on resentment for masters, who is the master?...
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paper3 - two groups of people to have two different...

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