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December 4 - Hist 101 December 4 2007 1 Nixon China 2 OPEC...

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Hist 101 December 4, 2007 1 – Nixon & China 2 – OPEC 3 – Stagflation 4 – Perestroika 5 – Charter 77 6 – Milosevic & the Break-up of Yugoslavia 7 – Poland & Hungary in transition After Vietnam… Vietnamization negotiations Secret Bombings Ho Chi Minh Trails Invasion of Cambodia in Spring of 1970 ^ Led to college shootings ^ Pull out of Cambodia in 1971 ^ January 1973 – achieved in Paris < America leave, lost cause… South Vietnam falls ^ Reuniting Vietnam into a Communist state in 1975 1 – Nixon & China * Leading towards peace Détente “Relaxation of tension” Talks to the Communist world about a peaceful state Willing to do this to reduce nuclear tension in the world Willing to negotiate with US because China and the Soviet Union loathe each other, think they both have the right to rule the Communist world o Growing animosity exploited by Nixon out of the fear of each other o “Triangular Diplomacy” o Secret deals negotiated by Henry Kissinger in 1972 o Nixon visited China with Mao Ze Dong o Soviets came around wanting a better agreement with the US SALT I – limit anti-missile system to prevent either side against attack Things headed toward more peaceful world, doesn’t last long because of oil prices, problems in the Middle East 1967 – pivitul year in Middle East (Israel, Jordan and Syria) o Trying to block the Red Sea o Israelis surprise Egyptians on an aerial attack o “6 Day War” – Sinai Peninsula, West Bank, Golon Heights. Gaza Strip 1973 – Egyptians/Syrians host attack on Yom Kippur Israeli forces defeated them with US support Watched shipments to the US, 1973-74 BAD NEWS, ENERGY CRISIS 2 – OPEC America had to devalue the dollar, breaking down postwar economic settlement Nixon raised taxes on imports as well, surge in American exports, inflation o Ordered the putting of legal limits on prices o Turnaround, more exports, less unemployment, Nixon reelected 3 – Stagflation Cost of living raised Wages/Prices supposed to fall and rise together
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Conservatives say things will get better; early 70s: Double digit inflation, declining wages, rising prices People believing “Golden Age” had come to an end Left to Nixon’s successors because he thought everyone was his enemy and out to get him; surrounded information being leaked from the White House to the public “The Plumbers” – organization within the White House that fixed leaks and prevented information from leaking o Went after Nixon’s enemies (the Democrats) o Caught and put on trial; information Nixon covering up things o Culminated in the resignation of Nixon in 1974 “Watergate” - only presidential resignation in history; did not balance o Continuing high price of energy Gerald Ford/Jimmy Carter tried to restore the thought that oval office is trustworthy, but neither could deal with stagflation Jimmy Carter was getting Egypt and Israel to negotiate at Camp David in late 1970s o
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