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Unit 6 Analysis_Memory Cost
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08/02/12 NT1110 Unit 6 Analysis: Memory Cost IBM produced the first commercially produced hard drive in 1956. It came with the shipment of an IBM 305 RAMAC system including IBM Model 350 disk storage. [4] US Patent 3,503,060 issued March 24, 1970, and arising from the IBM RAMAC program is generally considered to be the fundamental patent for disk drives and only stored 5000 characters. Looking at the timeline of commercially produced hard drives. The 100 TB hard drive will probably be available within ten years. At the rate at which technology is growing and more companies becoming involved in this race, the 100 TB hard drive is closer than we ever expected. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies produced the first 1 TB hard disk in 2007. This ground breaking release opened the eyes of many companies and let them know that hard disks were going to continue to grow and expand in the near future. Every year after its release other companies like Seagate and western digital began producing higher capacity drive increasing by 1 TB. Looking at this it might seem that that 100 TB drive is far away but with new
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