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4 and poland 3 initially pledged to ratify the

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Unformatted text preview: '.'-%(,&'!%6#(%0122%&#%3445%,9:%0115% &#%3445%,('%!"#$9%*9%=,7-'%2<3<% Q'%,!!'!!%&"'%&"'(),-%'OF,9!*#9%#6%&"'%/FF'(%B44%)%:/(*9A% 0115%&#%3445%,!%0<2%M%4<2%))%>(L0I%,9:%&",&%#6%&"'%/FF'(%5I444% )%,!%0<E%M%4<2%))%>(L0I%,--#$*9A%6#(%&"'%#+',9%7'-#$%B44%)%,!% 6#(%&"'%',(-*'(%F'(*#:%?!''%,-!#%T'+&*#9%2<2<EI%=,7-'%2<5C<% el trends from different studies. eric sea level change ith errors (mm yr–1) Period Depth range (m) Data Source 0.40 ± 0.09 1955–1998 0–3,000 Levitus et al. (2005b) 0.33 ± 0.07 1955–2003 0–700 Levitus et al. (2005b) 18.x Sea Figure 6.8. ice-equivalent eustatic sea level history over the last cycle according to the analysis cycle. The (2002). smooth line 0.36 ± 0.06 (A) The Figure 1955–2003level history over the last glacial-interglacial glacial-interglacial of Waelbroeck et al.blackThe smooth black 0–700 Ishii et al. (2006) line defines the mid-point of their estimates for each age data while the red region provides an estimate of error. The red line is the prediction ofmark observations represents smoothed and the surrounding hatched line is from model predictions. Crosses the ICE-5G(VM2) m ± 0.5 approximation to (2005b) 1.2 odel for the Barbados location for which the RSL observations themselves provide an excellent Levitus et al. the ice-equivalent eustatic sea level curve. (B) The fit of 1993–2003 0–700 f prediction (red samples in coral-based record of RSL history from the island of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea (Fairbanks, 1989; Peltier and the ICE-5G(VM2) modelrom coralline) to the extendeddifferent coral reefs. (source: IPCC report) F ± 0.5 1.2airbanks, 2006) over the age range from 32 ka to present. The actual ice-equivalent eustatic sea level et al. for this model is shown as the step-discontinuous brown line. The 1993–2003 0–700 Ishii curve (2006) individual coral-based estimates of RSL (blue) have an attached error bar that depends upon the coral species. The estimates denoted by the short err...
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