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 greenhouse gas. Its residence time in the atmosphere was originally estimated at 5 years but more recent studies suggest a lifetime of 30-40 years. Sulfuryl fluoride is 4000-5000 times more efficient that CO2 in trapping IR radiation. Currently however, the relatively small amount (about 2000 metric tons/year) injected into the atmosphere is considered irrelevant in the global warming discussion as CO2 is injected at a rate of 30 billion tons/year. Figure 18.x (source: SD Union Tribune, 23 May 11; photo: Gosia Wozniacka) methyl bromide as ozone hole killer! (SD UT 052311) not using new fumigant could cost industry $1.7 billion However, methyl bromide is still used today after the U.S. has lobbied successfully for critical-use exemptions from the Montreal Protocol. In 1999, an estimated 71.500 tonnes were used annually worldwide (3). Over 75% is used by developed nations, with the U.S. leading the usage with 43% compared to Europe with 24% as the next biggest user. Say something about heath risks! Methyl bromide has widely been used as soil sterilant for production of seed but also for some crops such as strawberries (including the local strawberries in San Diego county) and almonds(5). 18.7 Fossil Fuels and Pollution o ...
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