Production has decreased after the montreal agreement

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Unformatted text preview: or bars are derived from the 0.5 upon relative sea level as this species is found to live within approximately 5 m of sea level in the modern 1.6 ±Acropora palmata species, which provide the tightest constraints0–750 1993–2003 Willis et al. (2004) ecology. The estimates denoted by the longer error bars are derived either from the Montastrea annularis species of coral (error bars of intermediate 20 m length) or from further s ± 0.4 range of depths 1.8pecies that are found over a wide1993-2003 with respect to sea level (longest error bars). These additional al. (2004)st useful in providing a lower bound for the sea 0-700 Guinehut et data are mo level depression. The data denoted by the coloured crosses are from the ice-equivalent eustatic sea level reconstruction of Lambeck and Chappell (2001) for Barbados (cyan), Tahiti (grey), Huon (black), Bonaparte Gulf (orange) and Sunda Shelf (magenta). 
 !"#$%&!'( )*%+#,)*-( ./&( 01$21,"!( %"$1+( $&%"$,'( 3&1!#$&3&*.!( 4$"3(./&(5#*,1(5/&+4("4(6*,"*&!)1(781*&2#./(&.(1+9'(:;;;<(1*,( !"#"$"$% 415 &'()%*+%)',%-./0.! %1(01,%23%4./',5%)'(0%65,+,0)% -,(%7,8,9+%:;5.0/%)',%7(+)%*0),5/9(1.(9%6,5.2<= 19
 to limited understanding of the relevant processes. Figure 1 shows the evolution of global mean sea level in the past and as projected for the 21st century for the SRES A1B scenario. 1, significantly entury. Coastal , and indicate cades. ta and hydrosing uniformly veral times the is falling. Subis also inferred of the rates of in temperature culation. e available in l expansion. It 1961 to 2003, f the observed d for less than vel rise during se data sets, as the observing elting of land sea level rise, s. n the observed ion and loss of e of change in y known. Modater over land nterannual and 1993 to 2003, Figure 18.x Time series of global mean sea level (deviation from the 1980-1999 mean) in the last aFAQ 5.1, Figurefor Timefuture. For the period before 1870, from themeasurements of sea level are nd as projec...
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