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Religion Final Study Words

Religion Final Study Words - Religion Final Study Words 1 5...

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Religion Final Study Words 1) 5 Pillars of Islam – Muhammad taught this. It teaches that 1) There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet, 2) You have to pray 5 times a day: at sunrise, at noon, at mid afternoon, at sunset, and when you go to bed. When you pray, you bow towards Mecca, 3) Have to fast for a month during Ramadan from sunrise to sunset, 4) You have to give wealth to the poor, and 5) you have to make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in your lifetime (Hajj). 2) Abraham – He is the first person to speak to God. He travels to the land of the kings (Canaan) and went there to fight and set up their space. He had a wife named Sarah but had no children. El Shaddai tells Abraham to have a child with his maid servant (Hagar). The child he had with Hagar was named Ishmael, and the child he has with Sarah was named Isaac. Sarah told Abraham to get rid of Ishmael, so Abraham exiled him into the wilderness to die. Abraham was very devoted to God that he would even kill his own son. 3) Al-Mahdi – He is an 8 year old who is also known as the “hidden Imam.” It was said that when he comes back, everyone would become Twelvers and Islam would spread all over the world. 4) Ali – He is the cousin and son in law of Muhammad. His wife was Muhammad’s favorite daughter, Fatima. The Shiites believed that Ali should have been the original caliph. His followers were the Shiite Muslims. 5) Augustine – Is the founder of Christian Theology. He wrote Confessions and the “City of God”. He believed that people have the urge to do something evil. He comes up with the Just War Theory, where it’s ok to go to war as long as it’s for the right reasons, and Predestiny, when people are destined to go to heaven or hell. 6) Ayatollah – Ayatollah is a Twelver Shiite Imam that is in the ancestral lineage to Ali. 7) Avignon Papacy – It was when the Pope decided to leave Rome and moved to Avignon, France. All the popes became French. An Italian mystic nun named Catherine of Sienna convinces the French Pope to take the papacy back to Rome because people were starting to lose faith in the church, but the Italian cardinals kick him out and put a Roman Pope in power. There was a time when there were 3 Popes in power. 8) Babylonian Exile – This was when the Kingdom gets conquered by the Babylonians and they destroyed the temple and exiled the aristocracy to make the occupation safer. The kingdom gets spilt into two: Israel and Judah. The Tanakh gets written around this time as well. 9) Bahai – They were the followers of Babism. They didn’t consider themselves to be Muslim. They had a big emphasis on peace.
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10) Baha’ullah – He was a man who founded Baha’ism. Baha’ism has Shiite roots and its followers do not consider themselves to be Muslim. He declared himself to be “the Promised One.” His teachings consisted of world peace through unification of all religions.
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Religion Final Study Words - Religion Final Study Words 1 5...

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