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65 just bias noperecognifon explicit showed depth of

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Unformatted text preview: support disFncFon –  Definitely memory for episodes, but –  Anterograde: Hard to teach new semanFc knowledge –  Also, if episodes add up to semanFcs, you can’t knock out one without the other •  Both affected by syndrome 5 2/10/13 DisFncFons in memory Procedural/DeclaraFve •  DeclaraFve: knowing that –  Last night you had cheesy poofs for dinner –  Cheesy poofs are not a good dinner Long ­term Memory •  Procedural: knowing how DeclaraFve Memory SemanFc Memory Procedural Memory Episodic Memory –  How do you open a bag of cheesy poofs? –  Hard to verbalize, easy to act out –  Skills: driving, reading, bow ­hunFng –  H.M. could do it ­ ­separate Implicit/Explicit •  Explicit: conscious awareness –  You know that you know –  Recall –  RecogniFon •  Implicit: no conscious awareness –  You don’t know you know (may think you’re guessing) –  Stem compleFon (gar___) –  Read rapidly ­flashed word –  Type of repeFFon priming •  Previous exposure affects subsequent processing Implicit/Explicit •  Jacoby & Dallas (1981) –  Present list of 60 words –  Process meaning, rhyme, le]ers (depth) –  Test: 80 words •  Recognize presented words •  ID with brief appearance (35 ­ms) ­ ­80% vs. 65% •  Just bias? –  Nope ­ ­recogniFon (explicit) showed depth of processing effects, ID didn’t (implicit) Implicit/Explicit •  Some manipulaFons affect implicit but not explicit: – ...
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