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Unformatted text preview: a Amnesia •  Anterograde: H.M. •  Anterograde: H.M. –  Surgery for temporal lobe epilepsy: 1953 –  IQ: normal (be]er than pre ­op) –  Died in 2008; lab at UCSD secFoned and preserved his brain h]p://thebrainobservatory.ucsd.edu/hm –  Memory since surgery •  Couldn’t learn new people, events •  Few new facts •  Couldn’t improve on maze ­solving task, find house •  Could draw detailed floor plan of post ­surgery house •  Few new words since 1950’s –  Preserved: procedural learning Retrograde amnesia •  Korsakoff’s syndrome –  Usu. due to long ­term alcoholism –  Severe anterograde (no new memories) –  Some retrograde •  Seems to have temporal gradient (but no recollecFon of training) –  TV shows –  Famous people –  Famous events •  Prob with gradient: alcohol causes anterograde Mirror tracing (Milner, 1965) Retrograde amnesia •  Korsakoff’s syndrome –  P.Z. (Bu]ers & Czernak, 1984) –  Onset at 65; famous scienFst –  Tested memory of his own autobiography •  Facts: temporal gradient •  Events: temporal gradient –  Supports temporal gradient –  Suggests episodic and semanFc not separate Episodic/SemanFc •  Amnesia research doesn’t...
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