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Isa isa dog remember things in the order they happen

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Unformatted text preview: illian: hierarchical model –  Problem 2: ViolaFons of hierarchy –  Problem 1: typicality effect Animal •  A penguin is a bird •  A robin is a bird (FASTER) •  Ok, stronger link for robin Sup. is ­a Mammal is ­a •  A chicken is a bird •  A chicken is an animal (FASTER) •  Add another link: chicken ­>animal is ­a Cat is ­a Dog Sub. Cat has ­part Slit pupils SemanFc memory Episodic memory •  Collins & Quillian: hierarchical model •  Lots of details •  Temporally specific –  Problem 3: false responses Animal Sup. is ­a is ­a Dog –  Remember things in the order they happen •  Memory for source •  Truth determined by individual Mammal –  Spurious bat/bird similariFes Sub. has ­part Slit pupils •  A bat is a bird (SLOWER to say false) •  A bat is a plant •  “Relatedness effect” Sup. Mammal –  But violates hierarchy! is ­a Dog Animal is ­a is ­a Cat Sub. –  Not by group consensus, like what “table” refers to has ­part Slit pupils Episodic memory •  Separate from semanFc? •  Evidence from amnesia Amnesia “TV” amnesia Much more likely (H.M.) Typical:  ­bad anterograde  ­retrograde (ohen patchy)  ­confabulaFon (~ Fme of trauma)  ­rest of intellect intact 4 2/10/13 Amnesi...
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