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Notes on Knight in Rusty Armor

Notes on Knight in Rusty Armor - • They have crazy and...

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Alexander McGlynn ASRC 100.1 “Black Male Writers” Professor Blacksher Notes from “The Knight in Rusty Armor” 4/30/07 Story is about a knight who has realized that his shining armor is stuck on him permanently, after being cut off from the real world by his loyalty and willingness to battle. Merlin the Magician must help him to remove the armor, by going on a quest to discover the true self within him. Along the way he joins with Squirrel and Rebecca who help him on his quest.
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Unformatted text preview: • They have crazy and zany adventures through the country. • He travels through the Path of Truth. • He also passes through the castles of Silence, Knowledge, and Will and Daring. • His quest signifies our journey through life, with the range of emotions and the long, arduous process of self-discovery. • He also discovers the more universal truths that guide his life and finds happiness • We are all knights in rusty armor and we all can relate to this story....
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