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1994 p191 second contract theory is about

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Unformatted text preview: itical Science, University of Maryland, ECOLOGY AND THE POLITICS OF SCARCITY REVISITED, 1992, p.215. As a product of the Great Frontier, the theory of the social contract is fundamentally cornucopian: Nature's abundance being endless and inexhaustible, one has only to resolve the problem of achieving social harmony through a just division of the spoils. Nature is thus external to politics. But these cornucopian premises have become as anomalous in an age of ecological scarcity as the divine right of kings was in the era of the Great Frontier and the Industrial Revolution. Ecology and politics are now inseparable, out of prudent self-restraint, if for no other reason, a valid political theory of the steady state will be obliged to give the same weight to ecological harmony as to social harmony. Thus, just as it was the task of the seventeenthand eighteenth-century political philosophers to create the social-contract theory of government to take account of the new socioeconomic conditions and justify the political ascent of the bourgeois class, so it will be the duty of the next generation of philosophers to create an "ecological-contract" theory promoting harmony not just among humans, but also between humanity and nature. Feminism Responses THE CLASSIC CONTRACT THEORISTS EXCLUDED WOMEN Diana Coole, Lecturer in politics, University of London, THE SOCIAL CONTRACT FROM HOBBES TO RAWLS, David Boucher and Paul Kelly, eds., 1994, p.192. This reading focused on certain slippages, contradictions and omissions noticeable within the classical texts, notably those of Hobbes and Locke, when they are read from the perspective of women. In Rousseau's work these would evolve into an explicit legitimation of women's exclusion from citizenship, but even among his predecessors it (is) was possible to discern a quiet subversion of the radically egalitarian logic of contractarian argument. Although women's eventual enfranchisement would ostensibly overturn their exclusion, by allowing them to express the same...
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