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horace mann an education pioneer and the first

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Unformatted text preview: ity of making an agreement, it will not be worth the trouble to make one. If the potential gains from co-ordination are not great, it is quite possible that on balance AU would forbid one to go to the trouble of creating an explicit agreement about how to behave, even where the opportunity for making such an agreement was at hand. UTILITARIAN COUNTING MEANS NO ONE COUNTS Jack Donnelly, College of the Holy Cross, THE CONCEPT OF HUMAN RIGHTS, 1985, p. 55. Basic moral and political rights are not just weighting factors in utilitarian calculations that deal with an undifferentiated `happiness'. Rather, they are demands and constraints of a different order, grounded in an essentially substantive judgement of the conditions necessary for human development and flourishing. They also provide means - rights - for realising human potentials. The neutrality of utilitarianism, its efforts to assure that everyone counts `equally', results in no-one counting as a person; as Robert E. Goodin puts it, people drop out of utilitarian calculations, which are instead about disembodied preferences. In Aristotelian terms, utilitarianism errs in basing its judgements on `numerical' rather than `proportional' equality. SLHS Value File Value Inculcation Good Some believe that schools, traditionally, are meant to train students for future competitiveness and inculcate America's shared values and norms Kevin G. Welner, J.D., UCLA LAW REVIEW, April 2003, p. 965 One perspective is the traditional view of schools as a vehicle for teaching American youth shared values and norms, as determined by an equitable and trusted democracy: "Respect for the beliefs which society deems "proper" must be instilled in the citizenry of tomorrow. The child, when young and `susceptible to ideas,' should be sheltered from hostile ideology. A love of country and an idealized status quo will promote the greatest resistance to subversions. Education is inculcation, not exposure." Those who share this perspective are likely to assign the teacher a role with limited discretion and autonomy. This traditi...
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