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n84 in addition the gratz court endorsed the lsas

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Unformatted text preview: order to more easily cast him out of the human community. We ought not to pretend that storytelling and empathy are value neutral, when in fact they are potent weapons in the battle over a basic question of values: whether every human being is entitled to some dignity. SLHS Value File Diversity A DIVERSE STUDENT BODY HAS EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS Douglass C. Lawrence, Challenging Affirmative Action: Does Diversity Justify Race-Conscious Admissions Programs?, SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW, Copyright (c) 2002 Suffolk University, 36 Suffolk U. L. Rev. 83 The Gratz court placed significant emphasis on the LSA's data demonstrating the educational benefits flowing from a racially-diverse student body. n83 For example, the court favorably quoted the LSA's finding that students with a diverse educational experience were better able to comprehend multiple perspectives, recognize conflicts created by differing perspectives, and appreciate common values and "integrative forces that harness differences in pursuit of common ground." n84 In addition, the Gratz court endorsed the LSA's finding that diversity prepares students to become active participants in society, severs patterns of racial segregation, and results in creative problem solving. A RACIALLY DIVERSE CAMPUS IS ESSENTIAL TO EDUCATION Dawn R. Swink Assistant Professor of Business Law at the University of Saint Thomas, "Back to Bakke: Affirmative Action Revisited In Educational Diversity" BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL, BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY EDUCATION AND LAW JOURNAL, 2003. The primary mission of colleges and universities is to educate those students who are likely to become the leaders of society in an increasingly diverse world. The learning environment of higher education is special; it encourages the robust exchange of ideas and of culture. More importantly, the extent to which a college student is exposed to diversity has impressive effects on the extent to which he or she later lives a racially and ethnically integrated life. A racially diverse campus is essential to the education of students DIVERSITY PROVIDES FOR MORE VIEWPOINTS William C. Kidder, Testing for the Public, Berkeley, California. J.D., Boalt Hall School of Law,...
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