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8 9 if political leaders will move from arguments

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Unformatted text preview: out of racial prejudice or self-interestedness. Reaching beyond race has a power to it, not because it evades the reach of prejudice but because it calls into play the principle of fairness-that all who need help should be helped, regardless of their race. Moving away from racial justifications will create a biracial coaltionin support of government policies Paul Sniderman and Edward Carmines, Harvard, Reaching Beyond Race, 1997, p. 8-9 If political leaders will move from arguments restricted to considerations of racial justice to arguments centered on broader considerations of social justice, they can build a biracial coalition in support of policies to assist those in need of assistance regardless of race. Political leaders are themselves constrained by public opinion, but the choices we make as citizens depend on the choices they make as leaders. They not only establish the alternatives but also fix the justifications for alternative courses of action. Political leaders thus define both the lines of government action that citizens may choose to support or oppose, and the reasons why they should do one rather than the other. Conservatives attack affirmative action; they support colorblind approaches to resolving race issues Leslie Carr, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, associate professor at Old Dominion University, ColorBlind Racism, 1997, p. 113-114 But why is affirmative action so offensive to conservatives? It recognizes race, they say. But race is a term that ideologically disguises nation. What the liberals are really saying, whether they know it or not, is that to effectively bring the African American nation under control, they had to weaken it, split it, and disperse it. To do that, they had to recognize,in some way, that it existed. The conservatives are opposed to this strategy and so is a significant part of the White nation. Liberals argue that they must exercise temporary race consciousness to arrive at the goal of a color-blind society. Someday, Africa...
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