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A better solution is to white out the bulls eye

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Unformatted text preview: ed and violent societies. In fact, in the long term, violations of nations' sovereignties-even for "humanitarian" ends--undermine international norms against cross-border aggression and encourage separatist groups to revolt and then try to win the support of the United States and its Western allies. If that happens, over time, more people are likely to be killed than saved by U.S. interventions into failed states. Instead, the international com-munity should concentrate on helping nations in which all parties to a conflict are exhausted by war and ready to stop fighting--instead of expecting the United States to risk the lives of its soldiers trying to intercede between two sides that are not yet ready to make peace. Also, if a military intervention is unnecessary, then even killing innocent civilians accidentally is immoral. Furthermore, foreign wars lead to the erosion of civil liberties at home. Finally, many vested interests-including the arms industry--turn war fervor into corporate welfare. All Americans should be against a U.S. empire, because it destroys the republic. This is probably the most important argument against empire. Repeated wars undermined democracy in Ancient Greece and doomed the Roman Republic. In the United States, an imperial foreign policy has lead to an imperial presidency that is much more powerful than the founders intended. In short, war distorts the Constitution and the liberties therein. As much as some would like to use American military power to restructure failed states, this is likely to be an unsuccessful and dangerous undertaking. Bitter civil wars--ethnic and otherwise--breed terrorism. The United States is hated worldwide for its interference in the affairs of other nations and peoples, and the attacks on September 11 were blowback from American foreign policy. Because intelligence is imperfect, and America--the largest truly open society in the world--is very vulnerable to terrorism, improved homeland security measures can only g...
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