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According to c owen lovejoy these social inventions

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Unformatted text preview: 2-883. The benefits derived from federalism, however, are not insignificant: the Constitution's federalism was designed to secure liberties and freedoms by guarding against abuses of power. The principal component of federalism is citizens' ability to allocate their favor. That federalism additionally encourages participation in the democratic process and the development of social and cultural diversity and promotes states as the laboratory for social innovation should not be at all surprising; without federalism's protections against governmental abuses of power and the blurring of political accountability, citizens would be hardpressed to engage in self-governance--the heart of our constitutional republic. SLHS Value File Feminism Bad PATRIARCHY IS INEVITABLE, EITHER THE HUSBAND OR THE MAN IS THE DOMINATOR Carlson, Allan C. "The Natural Family Dimly Seen through Feminist Eyes" First Principles <> (Fall 2007) Sylvia Walby summarizes: "Women are no longer restricted to the domestic hearth, but have the whole society in which to roam and be exploited." [36] She errors only in failing to recognize the real source of patriarchy and to appreciate her real choice. Paleoanthropologists now know that even before the first hominids on the African savanna had gone bi-pedal, these promising creatures were conjugal; that is, they were pairing off in long term bonds, where the females traded sexual exclusivity for the provisioning and protection provided by individual males. According to C. Owen Lovejoy, these social inventions of marriage and fatherhood--not expansion of the brain case--were the decisive steps in human evolution, and they occurred well over three million years ago. [37] Nothing important has changed since. Women cannot successfully raise children on their own. When they try to do so in large numbers, the results are poverty, violence, and misery (for proof, simply visit the average American urban ghetto). Women need some entity t...
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