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Unformatted text preview: is followed: fairness of the process is transferred to the result (fair gambling is an instance of this). These situations are those of pure procedural justice. The constitutional process, like a criminal trial, resembles neither of these; the result matters and we have a standard for it. The difficulty is that we cannot frame a procedure which guarantees that only just and effective legislation is enacted. Thus even under a just constitution unjust laws may be passed and unjust policies enforced. SLHS Value File Sexism Bad Recognition of sexism as wrong is critical to striking down structures of sexist violence Rosemary Radford Ruether, lecturer at Pittsburg Theological Seminary, Sexism and God-Talk, 1983, p.173-5 The recognition of sexism as wrong, evil. and sinful brings about the total collapse of the myths of female evil. The recognition that the social structures of marginalization of women are unjust creates a fundamental metanoia, or turning around, from the perception of woman as "other" to the recognition of woman as equivalent human person. This metanoia necessarily starts within woman herself, who in turn demands a recognition of woman's personhood from men as well. Once a breach in the wall of sexist ideology and depersonalization of woman is made, the entire ideological and social superstructure built up over thousands of years of sexism and justification of sexism is open to question. Every aspect of male privilege loses its authority as natural and divine right and is reevaluated as sin and evil. This is deeply frightening to males. Consequently, they have been quick to slam the door on the slightest beginnings of such questioning and to mount counterrevolutionary campaigns of resubjugation of women whenever feminist movements have begun. But it is also frightening to women. They have to question all the ways they have traded a diminished humanity for dependent forms of security. More than that, women have to suspect that the entire symbolic universe that surrounds them, which has socialized t...
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