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And as chapter 6 illustrates progressive eurocentrism

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Unformatted text preview: ally, Teson argues that democratic rule ought to be required by international law, if for no other reason, than "because it is the right thing to do... Both ordinary common sense morality and the structure of international law, by presupposing agency and representation, require that governments should be recognized and accepted in the international community only if they genuinely represent their people." SLHS Value File Human Rights Bad HUMAN RIGHTS ASSUME A WESTERNIZED RIGHTS-BEARING SUBJECT Donna Maeda, J.D., University of California, Berkeley School of Law, Fall 2002. LA RAZA LAW JOURNAL, 13 La Raza L.J. 317, p. 336. New international human rights scholarship also points to connections between exclusions in current regimes and multiple histories of colonization. For Hernandez-Truyol and Rush, colonization histories inform the hegemonic western and northern biases in international norms n88 as well as differences in which nations are allowed sovereignty. n89 Hernandez-Truyol points out that the division between "first-generation" civil and political rights and "second generation" economic, social and cultural rights reflects the priority of historical "bourgeois" European revolutions that conceived of rights as primarily negative protections against state authority. She notes that the normativity of such perspectives on the priority of rights ignores the non-universality of the "white, Anglo, western, European, Judeo-Christian, educated, propertied, heterosexual, able-bodied male" whose life provided the model for these rights. n90 Andrews discusses Aboriginal women's subordinated status in the context of multiple struggles for land rights, cultural rights, and rights to self-determination within a group's continued status of dependency. Andrews specifically links violence against Aboriginal women to the ongoing violence of colonization. HUMAN RIGHTS ARE A PROJECT OF EUROCENTRIC WESTERN DOMINANCE Upendra Baxi, professor of law at American University, 2002. THE FUTURE OF HUMAN RIGHTS, p. xi. The more human rights are hailed as th...
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